Welcome to Waterproof Media (formerly Diving & Marine Solutions) - owned and managed by Richard Stevenson. The company is based in the South West and supports marine and underwater filming in Bristol, Manchester, Cardiff, London and around the UK coastline. We are also able to mobilise throughout the EU and Worldwide by request.
Rich Stevenson has been working professionally in the diving industry since 1996 and understands instinctively the unique challenges and requirements for productions working on or under the water.

Waterproof Media is happy to provide anything from a single safety diver to a complete water based filming solution for any sized production. Rich can document experience in presenter led documentaries, feature films, TV commercials and drama based underwater filming.

Waterproof Media is proud to be listed as an approved contractor for both the BBC and ITV and has worked successfully for other major networks and production companies.

Rich started his career as a diving instructor which instilled in him a 'safety first' approach based on years of keeping divers safe underwater. He brings this approach to all projects.
Rich has extensive experience working with presenters, actors and stunt divers in demanding and adventurous environments and is up to date and current with all aspects of modern diving techniques and equipment.

Please contact us through our current website at waterproofmedia.co.uk or using our email and phone contacts which are at the top of this page.